Fashion Revolution ATX #001Fashion Revolution ATX

Read about how Austin’s first Fashion Revolution Day event turned out! Spoiler alert: it was a success!

Money Fashion PowerFashion Revolution ATX

Fashion Revolution is more than just a day. It is a movement to challenge the current system of money, fashion, and power.

Why a Revolution?Fashion Revolution ATX

“Fashion” and “revolution” are two words that you typically don’t see together. So why is there a Fashion Revolution? What is the Fashion Revolution?

Meghan’s Fair Trade Journey – Purse and Clutch

I am a strong advocate for fair trade and enjoy sharing information on why fair trade matters whenever I can. Read this article on why I choose fair trade!

Made in the USA – Ethical Collective

There’s a lot of talk about fair trade in the ethical fashion movement, but buying U.S.-made products is another great way to ensure the products you are purchasing are ethically-made.

Tips and Tricks for Mindful Travel – Ethical Collective

Traveling is one of my greatest passions and a way to connect with the world in a very personal way. Read about ways to have a successful and meaningful trip.

Talking Circles: Different Paths to a Shared PlaceImpact Haven

Surround yourself with creative people who want to make a difference, and you will be inspired.

Mata Traders: Fashioning a Better WorldStriveGreen

In this short article, I talk about Mata Traders, a fair trade fashion brand, and how they empower and preserve traditional art forms in India and Nepal.


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