Stuart Boyd | Former Vice President of Products at Charity Dynamics

I had the pleasure of working with Meghan as a member of our team at Charity Dynamics. We worked together in a fast changing environment. Meghan excelled in this situation because of her proven ability to quickly learn new skills and responsibilities. Her attitude and example strengthened our overall team. The high quality of her work reinforced this impact and made her a valued member of the team.

Zach Hyatt | Former Product Manager at Charity Dynamics

I had the pleasure of working with Meghan at Charity Dynamics and watched her grow into a smart and efficient worker who excelled at not just executing processes effectively, but also identifying ways to improve them.  Her knack for matching useful solutions to tricky problems in customer service, testing and other areas proved to be a great help to the customers she served and products she managed.  Beyond her professional career I have been inspired by the volunteer work she continues to do with various organizations and the care she puts into living a fair trade lifestyle.

Liz Deering | Founder of Impact Haven

Meghan is not only diligent and self-motivated, she’s also heartfelt and sincere in her approach to people. I brought her on as a volunteer with my business, Impact Haven, and I have been so impressed with her work. She has helped manage everything from event registrations to scheduling systems and social media, and is incredibly versatile and applied.

Sherrie Nguyen | Former Project Manager at Bazaarvoice

Meghan and I worked together through Room to Read Austin and then hired her at Bazaarvoice. From our first meeting, I saw Meghan’s excitement for new challenges and her action-oriented personality. She’s the type to get things done and does so independently. She has strong attention to detail, project management skills, and is a strong leader and great team player. She has a big heart, which brought her to volunteer for non-profits, and she is also a fast thinker, which makes her a fit for the technology world too. I definitely recommend Meghan!

Rob Seaver | Former Operations Manager at HealthStream

Meghan and I worked for a year together in the client services department of what was Decision Critical and has now become HealthStream. Meghan is a wonderful employee, and was amazingly helpful during the time we worked together. She’s smart, quick to learn, focused, and has a great attitude about taking on assignments. Whenever I asked Meghan for help, she responded enthusiastically, and jumped in immediately. I’ve seen Meghan work independently and with others, and she excels in either situation. Everyone who has worked with her has had a positive experience.

Alex Peters | Former Volunteer Coordinator at Ten Thousand Villages

Meghan is an enthusiastic, positive hard worker. She shows a clear commitment to bringing about positive change in her community and helping those around her. She’s a creative thinker and a great team player. All around, a joy to work with!