Projects and hobbies


I enjoy getting creative and putting my thoughts on paper. Recently, I have had the chance to publish some of my writing in a few Austin-based sites. Check out my writing samples here!

Volunteer Work

If it’s not clear by now, I love helping! I find volunteering is a fantastic way to meet people, find purpose in your life, and learn new skills. When not working, I really do enjoy spending my time volunteering for local organizations. Check out some of my favorite volunteer experiences!

Website Creation

I’m not a technical developer, but I do enjoy designing and creating websites. My personal website is the first site I created from scratch and I continue to enjoy updating it and adding content.

Websites I’ve created: This personal site  |  Fashion Revolution ATX (You can also see copies of the pages I built and the blog articles that I wrote here)

Websites I’ve contributed to: Impact Haven

Passion projects

In addition to my volunteer work, I enjoy bringing people together as well as sharing information and ideas. One project that I’m working on related to this, is the Ethical Collective. The EC is a group of Austin women who want to live an ethical life. Check out more on the Ethical Collective website!