Fair City Project

Can Ethical Fashion Become the New Norm?

Happening now: SXSW Panel Picker is going on now through 8/25 and we would love to be a part of SXSW 2018! Please take a minute to view our proposal and vote for us to help us bring the topic of ethical and sustainable fashion to SXSW! Check it out here!

Fair City Project is a group of Austinites focused on promoting and supporting Austin businesses that incorporate ethical, sustainable, and caring practices into their mission. Businesses, from coffeeshops to clothing retailers, have an opportunity to help others by providing fair, stable jobs and by sourcing materials and products made in ethical and sustainable ways.


Austin is a very conscientious city and we have great businesses and consumers who really want to make a difference by making thoughtful choices. Our city has a great Keep Austin Weird attitude that promotes supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs. We want to Keep Austin Weird and Fair!

We’re working on making Austin a Fair Trade Town by reaching out to retailers and community organizations to encourage them to consider where their products came from and how the person who made them or farmed them was treated. We also connect businesses with the people or resources they need to incorporate ethical and sustainable methods into their business models and we provide a support system through intimate gatherings. FCP also reaches out to the community to engage fellow Austinites in the mission of building an ethical city, through outreach and educational programs such as panel discussions like the one we participated in at the BossBabes ATX Community Caucus in February 2017.

FCP has also been involved with organizing Austin’s very first Fashion Revolution Day event in April 2017 with Kasi Martin of The Peahen and Jen Lewis of Purse & Clutch. Together we packed the room with people who wanted to learn how the act of asking “Who made my clothes” can lead to impactful change in the fashion industry. Read more about our event here.

This project is about building a community and bringing together businesses and consumers who care about how their clothes were made, where their coffee or chocolate came from, and how people (and the earth!) were treated along the way.

Will you join us?

Are you a local brand or company that promotes an ethical and sustainable lifestyle in anyway? Or are you a resident of Austin who is curious about where to start or where to go to make well-informed, conscientious decisions? We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and We’ll make sure you’re kept in the loop: